Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beat Haiku: Kerouac on Haiku

I can dig this:
Jack Foley. Beat Haiku - Terebess Asia Online (TAO): As many of you know, Jack Kerouac’s Book of Haikus, edited and with an introduction by Regina Weinreich, has recently been issued from Penguin. Ms. Weinreich did an excellent job with both her editing and her introduction. I’ll be quoting from some of the points she makes and from some of the Kerouac passages which she herself quotes. Her introduction begins with a wonderful little poem of Kerouac’s, “Reading Notes 1965”: Then I’ll invent The American Haiku type: The simple rhyming triolet:-- Seventeen syllables? No, as I say, American Pops:-- Simple 3-line poems Kerouac even went so far as to offer a definition. This is from Some of the Dharma: POP--American (non-Japanese) Haikus, short 3-line poems or “pomes” rhyming or non-rhyming dilineating “little Samadhis” if possible, usually of a Buddhist connotation, aiming towards enlightment. BOOK OF POPS. 1/

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