Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dino Had a Gun

(A minor edit, but changes the visual, the overall feel. "the den" to "the back room.") july 2016

Dino Had a Gun

So, frantic call at night . . . 
Dino, downtown, in jail 
or something, mom rushing out

Where’s Felix, step-dad, Dino’s friend -- work, or lost his license, or anyway
Dino and mom return

I open the door, Dino standing there, revolver in hand, pointed 
right at me. I blanch, Jesus, I’m spooked.

Then he laughs “It’s not real kid, just a toy” mom comes up behind, oblivious

Dino spends the night,  I don’t remember where. Couch, the back room, what.

But the gun. And when I asked what happened, mom said Dino was just playing around being a joker. He wasn’t really in jail. He just needed a ride, fast.

Out of downtown.  

With his gun.

regan lee

oregon spring 2016