Sunday, December 18, 2016


president elect
squirrel-orange is the new black
hard rain's gonna fall

regan lee
decemeber 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Found On My Shelf: Patti Smith's "Babel"

A good feeling, to clean out the bookshelves. Came across this paperback edition of Patti Smith's Babel. I had forgotten all about this book! So glad to have met it again.

Here's a poem from the book -- the last one:

zug island

i know
your secret dreams
i know where
you are
sleep tight
sweet streams
sweet beams
god light
you from afar

                         ~ Patti Smith, Babel 1979

Monday, July 4, 2016

One word poem: Barbecue

A one word poem: the word was barbecue. The idea is to write quickly for a minute, the one word your inspiration, don't think, just write. So here it is:


red meaty sticky sweet black crisp it all falls off
around the hot, the humid, the trees waving above in the thick slow breeze
too much nerve around here, too much of a good thing 

regan lee
july 2016 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dino Had a Gun

(A minor edit, but changes the visual, the overall feel. "the den" to "the back room.") july 2016

Dino Had a Gun

So, frantic call at night . . . 
Dino, downtown, in jail 
or something, mom rushing out

Where’s Felix, step-dad, Dino’s friend -- work, or lost his license, or anyway
Dino and mom return

I open the door, Dino standing there, revolver in hand, pointed 
right at me. I blanch, Jesus, I’m spooked.

Then he laughs “It’s not real kid, just a toy” mom comes up behind, oblivious

Dino spends the night,  I don’t remember where. Couch, the back room, what.

But the gun. And when I asked what happened, mom said Dino was just playing around being a joker. He wasn’t really in jail. He just needed a ride, fast.

Out of downtown.  

With his gun.

regan lee

oregon spring 2016